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Industry Leading
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Managing billing for utilities shouldn’t be a complicated task. CUSI understands this and offers secure and state-of-the-art utility billing solutions, customer information systems, web portals, mobile meter readings, and service order solutions, all thoughtfully designed using feedback from our customer base of industry experts. 

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Utility Billing Solutions

Forty years of experience have led us to develop four generations of Utility Billing software and supporting products and services. We provide utilities with two excellent options, UMS, our on-premise option, and UB4, our hosted application, to allow utilities to pick the application that best fits their unique needs.

Customer Payment Portal

CUSI’s proprietary Customer Web Portal (CWP) is more than just a payment portal. CWP empowers your customers with tools to view usage history, financial activity, and much more. Our secure web portal drastically enhances communication capabilities and transparency, improving customer satisfaction.

Mobile Meter Reading

CUSI’s newest Mobile Meter Reading Service (MMRS) reduces costs by allowing your utility to use any phone, tablet, or device with a modern internet browser to read meters and wirelessly upload usage data back to the billing software.

Customer Information System

CUSI’s Customer Information Systems are designed to be simple and intuitive, giving CSRs quick access to all relevant customer data at a glance while automating complex processes and providing easy-to-use reporting tools.

Cybersecurity Services

Utilities are one of the most at-risk industries regarding cybersecurity threats. CUSI understands this threat and diligently works to safeguard our customers by proactively implementing emerging technologies, standards, and protocols to ensure our products remain secure.

Mobile Service Orders

CUSI provides access to our easy-to-use Mobile Service Order application at no additional charge to help improve the efficiency of your entire organization. Easily manage service orders from any modern internet-enabled device with built-in tools to improve internal communication, reporting, and inventory management.

Custom Integrations

CUSI has developed hundreds of existing integrations. This process is streamlined and simplified thanks to our robust APIs that allow for the rapid development of new integrations. This approach allows utilities to select the best products to fit their needs rather than settle for a single, potentially subpar solution.

Communication Tools

CUSI provides tools that will dramatically improve your organization’s communication capabilities. Automate communication and collections using email, text, and automated phone calls. Each community member can configure alerts and notifications to ensure they receive information in the manner that best suits their communication preferences.

Streamline your billing process while improving customer service capabilities.

Browser-Based Utility Billing Software

Our newest hosted application lets you securely connect from anywhere and provides utilities with a modern and intuitive experience featuring powerful communication tools and a robust report writer. UB4 utilizes the latest technology and security protocols to future-proof your utility and safeguard your customers. 

Utility Billing Software

Our reliable third-generation billing software was developed utilizing the feedback of experts like you.

Fully Integrated
Customer Web Portal

Provides your customers with both simple payment options and complete account management.

Mobile Meter
Reading Services

Quickly input readings from any internet-enabled device and import usage data from anywhere.

1,150+ Current Customers

Award-Winning Support


CUSI is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry and was recently named the winner of the 2023 Excellence in Customer Service award by Business Intelligence Group. 

  • 98% Client Satisfaction Rating
  • Phone, Email, and Online Chat Support Channels 
  • 60-Minute Average Response Time
  • Performance-Based Support 

Cybersecurity Focused


In addition to our security-by-design approach, we have invested heavily in application security, including partnering with third-party security experts for testing and continual improvement.  

  • Latest Encryption Standards
  • Following NIST Security Guidelines
  • PCI & FIPS Compliant
  • SOC 2 Attested
  • Annual Application & Network Penetration Test 

Countless Integrations


CUSI’s products are designed to integrate with existing applications and new technologies, enabling utilities to benefit from a fully integrated operating environment. 


  • 100’s of Existing Integrations 
  • Works with all Major Meter Vendors 
  • Easily Integrates with Accounting Applications 
  • Robust APIs to Streamline Integrations 
  • Multiple GIS & Asset Management Integrations 

    Customer-Led Development


    Our obsession with customer feedback allows CUSI to continuously meet market demands. We want our customers to understand they have a voice and are a significant factor in the future development of CUSI’s products.

    Proactive Client Satisfaction


    CUSI’s Customer Success department comprises a team of true industry experts with decades of experience who act as customer advocates by proactively engaging with customers to ensure continued client satisfaction and return on investment. 


    • Your primary Point of Contact
    • Manage Customer-Led Development Initiative 
    • Proactively Monitor Client Satisfaction
    • Decades of Industry and CUSI Experience 

      Proven Implementation Approach

      Over the last 40 years, CUSI has continued to improve and optimize our implementation approach. The result is CUSI’s TEAMethodology, which focuses on maintaining open lines of communication and tried and true processes that ensure success. 


      • Average over 60 Successful Implementations Annually 
      • Training is Tailored to Your Utility 
      • No Outsourcing, One Project Manager Until Completion 
      • Open Communication and Clear Deliverables 

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      Wish we had made it sooner!"
      Principal Account Clerk5/5
      Matthew L."Great Product, Even Better People"Utility Manager5/5
      Tanya S."Best company ever!"Secretary/Treasurer5/5
      Cindy W."Drew! Another awesome employee at CUSI support.
      We've had nothing but great people when dealing
      with your support staff. Thank you for that!"
      ITS Business Systems Manager5/5

      Advanced Cybersecurity

      Customer-Led Development

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