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UB4, our newest, fourth-generation CIS / Utility Billing Application, was designed and developed through the feedback of our customer base of industry experts. UB4 is our most innovative application yet. UB4 provides users with a modern and intuitive user experience, a built-in report writer, and more.

Latest Technology
and Security

Increased Efficiency and Automation

Modern and Intuitive User Experience


Modern & Secure Billing Software

Built In Report-Writer


In addition to the core reports, UB4’s report writer allows you to create and save your own custom reports and dashboards to provide increased access to your data and provide further insight.

Access UB4 from Anywhere


As a hosted browser-based application, you can access the application from anywhere with an internet connection via your device browser.

Hundreds of Integrations

Configurable Administrative Dashboards


UB4’s built-in dashboards provide admins with valuable data insights at a glance and can be tailored to your business’s key performance indicators.

Simple and Intuitive Design


UB4’s task bar was designed to simplify navigation and ensure ease of use. The intuitive layout and clear visual cues make it effortless for users to find and access desired features promoting a seamless and efficient user experience.



UB4’s powerful search functionality lets you quickly search your entire database using any reference data to find the users, locations, or other information.

Configurable Wizards


Software wizards are used to increase efficiency and simplify complex multi-step processes and can be configured to match your organization’s standard operating procedures while improving data integrity.

Powerful Communication Tools


Drastically improve communication capabilities by contacting users via CUSI’s Customer Web Portal, print, automated phone calls, text messages, email, and more.

Make it Your Own


In addition to the multiple themes, UB4 can be further customized using role-based security to remove unwanted features and functionality for an individual user or role.

Customer Reviews

Pam K."One of the best decisions we have made!
Wish we had made it sooner!"
Principal Account Clerk5/5
Matthew L."Great Product, Even Better People"Utility Manager5/5
Tanya S."Best company ever!"Secretary/Treasurer5/5
Cindy W."Drew! Another awesome employee at CUSI support.
We've had nothing but great people when dealing
with your support staff. Thank you for that!"
ITS Business Systems Manager5/5

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