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CUSI provides a comprehensive suite of secure applications designed to automate repetitive tasks, empowering your team to focus on customer service and other critical responsibilities. CUSI’s cutting-edge software solutions were designed utilizing our Customer-Led Development approach, which prioritizes customer feedback and ideas to provide clients with a product designed to meet their unique needs. CUSI’s solutions are designed to be user-friendly and simple; however, our industry-leading service sets us apart from other vendors.

Who is CUSI?

For nearly four decades, Continental Utility Solutions, Inc. (CUSI) has been a pioneer in developing comprehensive utility management solutions, from Customer Information Systems and Utility Billing Applications to Mobile Meter Reading and Customer Web Portals. Our rich history, marked by the launch of four generations of software, positions us at the industry’s forefront, constantly innovating to meet the evolving needs of utilities. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our one-hour response time for support requests, ensuring utilities can deliver accurate bills to their customers promptly. As a leading provider in the U.S., CUSI is dedicated to driving success for our clients through unparalleled support and cutting-edge software solutions, ensuring your business stays ahead with the latest technological advancements.

Technical Support

At CUSI, service is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in our award-winning technical support staff. In fact, we were recently awarded the 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Award. We provide our customers with a Service Level Agreement to respond to support requests within an hour of the request. However, we often average a response time of well under 30 minutes. As a performance-based technical support team, dashboards are placed in high-traffic areas of our business to ensure management can make the necessary calls to provide timely service to each client.

Industry Leading Response Time

The CUSI Support team is available by telephone, email, and online chat from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Central, Monday – Friday. CUSI’s Support team maintains an average response time of less than an hour. 

Free Training Opportunities

In addition to providing high-quality technical support, we offer our customers free training opportunities throughout the year. Training is done online and provides customers access to a product expert to review workflows, common issues, and more.

CUSI Academy

CUSI Academy is a free web-based learning platform that provides access to over 100 learning modules. This is a great tool to help train new employees, and users can even upload their own courses specific to their Business to act as a comprehensive onboarding and training tool.


Our Development team and process are crucial to CUSI’s continued success. Our Development team comprises multiple Senior Developers who have been with the company since the launch of our second-generation product and have passed along lessons learned as we have continued to grow and evolve. Our Customer-Led Development philosophy is the culmination of that experience and ensures we develop products and solutions that utilities need and require.

Customer-Led Development

Our Customer-Led Development approach prioritizes client needs and feedback to develop tailored solutions that streamline your organization and satisfy the real needs of utilities. 


We solicit customer feedback in multiple ways. We provide our clients access to CUSI’s User Voice Portal, allowing users to submit new and vote on ideas from the community. The Development team prioritizes ideas with the most votes.

Proactive Collaboration

In addition to enabling direct access to our User Voice Portal, our Customer Success team proactively solicits feedback through onsite visits, surveys, and CUSI’s User Summit to ensure each customer’s voice is heard.


CUSI Implements around 70 clients each year. We understand that the Implementation Process can be complicated, and our goal is to make it as painless as possible. Our Implementation team has developed a methodology that has provided our clients with clear and transparent deliverables while maintaining open lines of communication with all stakeholders. Our experience has taught us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the implementation process, and, as such, we work with each client to tailor the process to fit their needs based on the availability of time and resources.

Data Conversion

CUSI has invested heavily in developing proprietary tools, scripts, and processes to provide customers with fast and accurate data conversions to ensure all required historical data is converted from your legacy application.


Based on our experience, we have found that the most effective way to train users is through practical, hands-on training. Therefore, we begin the training process right from the beginning of the implementation process.

Proven Approach

Our proven 6-step Implementation Process has continued to evolve and improve over the past 40 years. This approach is designed to be transparent by providing clear deliverables and maintaining open lines of communication throughout the project.

Top 10 Reasons Utilities Choose CUSI

• Four Decades of Experience

• Proven Implementation Experience

• Cybersecurity Focused

• 60-Minute Response Time

• Customer-Led Development Approach

Proprietary Customer Web Portal (CWP)

Utility-Focused Solutions

Integration Capabilities

Increased Efficiency


Better Together Philosophy


Our sole focus is to develop the most efficient and innovative Utility-specific software solutions and services on the market. This focus has led us to our Better Together philosophy, which enables municipalities and utilities to choose the most effective software solution for each area of operation rather than settling for a single, potentially subpar solution. 

This approach has led us to develop relationships with other industry leaders to provide customers with a tightly integrated operating environment. We have strategic partnerships with meter vendors, accounting application providers, GIS,  work asset management solutions, and more to offer clients a fully integrated software solution.

This approach has also led us to develop well over 150 different integrations. Furthermore, we have developed specific API packages to simplify the development of future software integrations. This allows us to integrate with any Accounting application on the market with import functionality, virtually any meter vendor, and other industry-specific solutions.

Going Above and Beyond


At CUSI, we are dedicated to delivering innovative software solutions and unmatched support to our partner utilities. Our commitment to this mission is reflected in everything we do.

Our Customer Success department is dedicated to providing our clients with proactive client care to ensure they are getting the most out of their investments. Your Client Care Manager is a true customer advocate and will become your main point of contact after completing your implementation. They are here to assist you with planning large projects, purchasing additional modules/interfaces, and escalating issues to the management team. Your Client Care manager will meet with you onsite or online to complete an annual customer survey and ensure ongoing satisfaction.

Mission Statement

“CUSI creates valuable customer-focused solutions. We succeed through a collective commitment to going above and beyond in everything we do.”

Corporate Values


Improve and Advance


Simplify the Complex


Quality over Expedience

Own It

See it

Customer Reviews

Cindy W.

ITS Business Systems Manager

Drew! Another awesome employee at CUSI support. We've had nothing but great people when dealing with your support staff. Thank you for that!

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