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Utility Software

CUSI created our third-generation product, UMS, to be user-friendly and scalable enough to be used by any size utility to bill any combination of services.

Improve Customer Service

Increase Operational Efficiency

Scalable for Any
Size Utility


Comprehensive Reporting


New customers compliment UMS’s reporting more than any other feature. With 100s of canned reports, user-defined filter options, and the ability to export, users have total control of their data.

Quick Access to Customer Data


The main Account Control Panel provides a centralized view of all relevant customer data from a single screen. The most important information remains at the top, while more detailed information can be found quickly using the tabs below. 

Hundreds of Integrations



Increase productivity instantly; users can pull up multiple customers simultaneously and even process bills or run reports without interrupting normal operations.

Auditing and Security


Role-based security provides granular control of each user or role, and the audit tab provides details about each change made, including customer edits, for increased security and transparency.

Simple & Quick Adjustment Tools


Users can easily make adjustments to current and historical usage and financial data. All adjustments respect previous rates and are stored for auditing.

Powerful Communication Tools


UMS provides users with built-in tools to improve communication. Users can communicate with an individual or group via our Customer Web Portal, text, automated phone call, email, or print.



The notes tab is a powerful tool that can improve internal communication and organization by allowing utilities to keep comprehensive details about an individual or location.

Secure, Scalable, and Flexible


As a SQL product, UMS can be hosted locally or in the cloud and is scalable enough to be used by virtually any sized utility. UMS follows the latest security standards and has been tested by third-party cybersecurity firms.

Customer Reviews

Pam K."One of the best decisions we have made!
Wish we had made it sooner!"
Principal Account Clerk5/5
Matthew L."Great Product, Even Better People"Utility Manager5/5
Tanya S."Best company ever!"Secretary/Treasurer5/5
Cindy W."Drew! Another awesome employee at CUSI support.
We've had nothing but great people when dealing
with your support staff. Thank you for that!"
ITS Business Systems Manager5/5

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