Managed Backups

Data Security is Business Security

Protecting your data is becoming more important than ever, yet 68% of small to medium sized business don’t have a disaster recovery plan. Did you know that 60% of businesses that experience data loss shut down within 6 months? Simply put, data backups are a must. We hope you choose CUSI as your backup provider, but even if you choose not to use CUSI’s Managed Backup Service we highly recommend that your company invest in a similar data backup service.

More Than Just Backups

CUSI can take the stress of backing up files off of our customers’ shoulders! We partner with AVG, an industry-leading cybersecurity company to be sure that your data stays out of harm’s way. Our trained IT Specialists will set up your backups to run in the background at whatever times your company specifies. We make sure that each backup runs properly and will investigate any problems that may occur. Never worry about your data again.