Accounting Solutions

With over 1,150 clients nationwide, we know that each client has different accounting needs. CUSI integrates with over 40 accounting applications and adds more each year.

  • From SAP to Quickbooks, and Fund Accounting to Private Accounting, your Utility can choose the accounting solution that is right for you.
  • CUSI uses the latest technology to allow data to free flow from the utility billing database to the accounting database.
  • A flexible chart of account design facilitates the unlimited transfer of general ledger data.
  • A financial activity can be updated automatically based upon the requirements of the utility.
  • Both basic and advanced integration formats are available.

MIP Fund Accounting

Community Brands MIP Fund Accounting is the Gold Standard for fund accounting among mid-sized nonprofit and government organizations. A comprehensive solution, MIP Fund Accounting drives productivity by enabling you to:

  • Track, report, and manage finances across the organization according to your unique revenue sources.
  • Make informed, confident financial decisions.
  • Execute with greater precision.
  • Remain current on updates to key financial data in your system.


AccuFund is dedicated to providing easy-to-use, flexible, and powerful financial management software for nonprofit, endowment, representative payee, and government organizations. AccuFund is a leader in cloud technology, document management, reporting, and payroll.



QuickBooks is a simple to use accounting software; it offers completely customizable packages making it capable of handling any size business. The program helps keep track of all your business’s financial information and keeps your data safe with automatic backups so you never lose your important information.