Utility Billing Software and Work Asset Management Solutions for Belize Water Services

To the Belize selection team,

Thank you so much for considering UMS CIS/UB software and Elements Work Asset Management Solutions.  Based upon what we know to date about Belize Water, CUSI feels that both UMS and Elements will be a perfect fit for your business model.  Not only will Belize Water increase efficiency, decrease the cost of operations, but it will improve your customer service also. I wanted to follow-up with you on some additional information that you may find helpful in making your business decision.

CUSI understands that this is a major investment and realizes the need for risk mitigation.  We recommend several steps prior to contracting to assist Belize in the due diligence process, several which we have completed.  Navigating this process can sometimes be difficult so we have created this site as a roadmap showing where we have been and where will be heading.  It provides all the documentation that Belize Water has been provided through the process to date as well as recommended next steps.

Software Information

Due Diligence

Next Step

  • Corporate Site Visit
    • Corporate Site Inspection
    • Management Team Introductions
    • Business Unit Review
      • Implementation Services Planning Review
      • Development Services including Product Roadmap
      • Long-Term Technical Support Services Review
      • CUSI International Payment Services Discussion
      • IT – Technical – Platform — Hardware and Services Review
      • Pricing Discussion 
    • UMS Full day demonstration
    • Elements Full day demonstration
  • GAP Analysis
  • Contractual Components
    • Cost Economics – Sales Agreement
    • Milestone Deliverable/Payment Schedule
    • Statement of Work
    • SLA (or applicable)
    • 3rd Party Agreement

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Kimberly Kuhn


870-336-2200 x2247