Vendor Referral Program

CUSI Vendor Referral Program

We value quality vendor relationships and want to reward those that share their CUSI experience with utility companies. Nothing compares to the integrity and perspective that vendors provide when discussing their preference for CUSI with their own customers.

CUSI’s business philosophy is based upon providing the highest quality of service in our industry. Many companies make service statements, but few live up to them. At CUSI, we are serious about consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

With this in mind, we are excited to offer a great incentive for your referral. When your referral results in a completed sale, CUSI would like to reward you with one of the following choices valued at $400:

  • Apple iPad
  • Lunch for your office
  • Charitable Contribution to the charity of your choosing

Please complete the form below or email to be eligible.

Thank you for your business!

What utility are you referring to CUSI?

Vendor Referral Program